About us

 ”If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and affordable  language company to support you then give Five Star a call.”

Why Us?

We’re a family business based in Birmingham with over 35 years’ experience working in partnership with clients across many industries and sectors. Our reputation has been built on providing a flexible, professional service with a personal touch, focusing on delivering a bespoke level of service that is reliable, wide ranging and cost effective.

We work closely with you to supply highly trained staff for all types of translation and interpreting work. Combining over 100 years of experience within the industry, we can help you solve all your translation and interpreting needs, from face to face and telephone interpreting in courts, hospitals and conferences to translations of corporate websites, literature and legal documents.

As a family business, we feel we value our customer relationships more than most. By rigorously assessing our work and acting on your feedback, we’re committed to providing the same level of consistency and integrity to your project, regardless of its scope and complexity.

Ameet Gauher - Partner

Ameet Gauher – Partner

five-star-radhika-gauher- five-star-krishan-gauher

Radhika Gauher – Partner                        Krishan Gauher – Partner

Our Story

Five Star is a family run organisation, established in 1983 by the husband and wife partnership of Krishan and Radhika Gauher.  Krishan’s background in the travel industry and Radhika’s public service career enabled them to see a clear market need for high quality, specialist translation and interpretation services. With their own experience and their extensive networks, they were able to develop their idea for a customer focussed, reliable and affordable service. The business has grown and Krishan and Radhika have been joined by their son and daughter, Ameet and Anjali, who have come from careers in the IT and medical industries respectively.

They have continued, with their parents, to grow and develop the business, incorporating their skills but still maintaining the company’s original vision. The languages provided initially focused on those from the Asian Subcontinent, but expanded to include all European, African, Middle Eastern and other Asian languages in response to market needs.

The business growth has been and is organic and driven by customer requirements, whilst maintaining the level of quality and professionalism that is its reputation. For example, the team at Five Star works closely with social workers, under its contracts with the local authorities, anticipating and supporting their needs, which over time has shaped parts of the service delivery. This development has included both new front line services and changes to practice, around areas such as safeguarding and data protection. The fact that the business is small allows it to learn, grow and improve more immediately and directly in response to changing customer and regulatory requirements. The adaptive nature comes through in its long term relationships with clients, where for example it has, historically, changed its business processes to accommodate client requirements in electronic interaction, enabling reporting and admin in the form that the client prefers.

Our linguists

Accuracy and speed are essential to our clients – which is why we only recruit qualified, experienced language experts with qualities to match your unique needs.

Our interpreters and translators are DPSI or Level 3 community qualified ensuring a core skill set which we enhance with a comprehensive in-house training scheme that includes professional codes of conduct, effective customer management and best practice.

Five Star’s linguists cover all the world’s major languages and are often available at short notice.

All our interpreters and translators receive a rigorous induction programme and comply with the highest code of conduct standards. Your account will always be managed by one of our company directors and we support our linguists with the same care as our clients – giving you the assurance of  impeccable, professional standards of service, every time.


Our Admin Team

Supporting our clients and linguists in the field are our office team, who together bring over a century of industry experience under one roof.

At Five Star we pride ourselves on offering prompt support, trusted advice and the same attention to detail across every assignment, from multi-channel translations to face-to-face interpreting.

There’s a good chance you’ll be speaking to one of our company partners when you call – so how better to get straight to business?

Above all we’re a friendly, motivated team and when we’re not managing client projects, we love supporting multi-cultural community activities, across languages and the arts.