Translation & Interpreting Services


Do you need a Polish interpreter for a doctor’s appointment or a marriage certificate translated from Urdu to English?

We can translate all major languages and multiple dialects from all over the world. Our linguists are DPSI or level 3 community interpreters and are all enhanced DBS checked.

We also have a network of highly experienced ATC-affiliated translators all of whom are native-speaking linguists.

Please see the languages we cover in the lists below…



Interpreting can be face to face or over the telephone and essentially we can provide you with language support in any language

Our network of professional, experienced interpreters have been chosen for their spoken language skills, fluency in their mother tongue, and customer service skills. As with written translations, we always ensure that we use interpreters with specialist subject knowledge, placing them in sectors they have the most relevant experience, be it a doctor’s surgery, an exhibition or during a court case.

Telephone interpreting can be set up at very short notice and is ideal for emergency calls.  With no travel involved or added expenses, it is a quick, efficient and highly cost effective method of interpreting.



At Five Star we have an extensive network of experienced and qualified translators. This gives us the flexibility to use subject specialists depending on the specific project, no matter how big or small.

Document translation

Our language specialists are chosen for their proficiency in their sector, which could be of a technical, legal, financial or medical type. All our translators are fully qualified linguists so you can be confident that the finished product is not only accurate, but also culturally appropriate and localised to your target market.

We can also work with you to translate any bespoke text or copy into one, or multiple languages and formats.

Audio / Visual Transcription

Five Star also specialises in audio and visual transcription services for special projects. All transcripts are produced to specification, to English, the native or other prescribed language.

We can work in multiple digital audio formats, and ensure that all transcripts are proof-read to ensure accuracy.

Proof-reading & Subtitling

As an expert in language services, we also proof read documents in English and multiple other languages, to ensure they are grammatically correct and fit for the intended audience. We also subtitle video, testimonials and presentations.